2007 archive

Dec 30

Emptyeye.com- Week 11

As I said last week, not much happened this week. I’ve been practicing for Pianotoads, and..not a whole heck of a lot of importance happened other than that. The big thing was Christmas, and my main loot as it pertains to the site was: An Alesis Drum Machine DDR Supernova 2 A 320GB External Hard …

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Dec 24

Merry Christmas from Emptyeye.com!

Merry Christmas! Or a belated Happy Hanukkah. Or Happy Kwanzaa. Or Happy Solstice. Did I miss any holidays in December? Anyway, whatever holiday you celebrate, hopefully it goes well for you.

Dec 23

Emptyeye.com- Week 10

This week in Emptyeye.com, once again, not much happened. Indeed, I would expect updates to be rather sporadic for the next two weeks as I prepare for MAGFest, which is now in less than two weeks. I’ve been hard at work on the challenges, and can get at least one point on pretty much all …

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Dec 17

Pianotoads- Live at MAGFest!

What is Pianotoads? Well, I’ll just re-print the description I gave for the MAGFest program: “Speedrunner + Piano Player + Ridiculously Hard Game = Incredible Experience for All Involved. Marc J. “Emptyeye” Dziezynski (The disheveled one) speeds through the NES game Battletoads, making you wonder how you ever thought the game was so hard, while …

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Dec 16

Emptyeye.com- Week 9

This is a bit earlier than usual so I can run off and play Starcraft later. Anyway, this past week was by and large quiet website-wise as I focussed on other things. I did release a new song not long ago (literally about 10 minutes ago), so we’ll see how reaction to that is once …

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Dec 16

New Song- “Liberation”

Yes, it’s a new song, finally. Well, sort of–I wrote it awhile ago, but this is my first time recording it. It’s an acoustic song called “Liberation“, and you can check it out by clicking on the name of the song or here. If you want to grab the song directly without looking at the …

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Dec 09

Emptyeye.com- Week 8

This past week saw…well, not a whole lot happen with the site, really. I did make one update regarding a comic collection I bought, which I enjoyed and recommend. Golden Age Batman is kind of a jerk. In dance gaming news, I managed to play more home DDR and get another AAA, which you can …

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Dec 08

Comic “Trade” Review- The Batman Chronicles Volume 3

Before I begin, I should point out that I’m not really a big comic book reader. I don’t say this to try and convince you that I’m not some sort of geek in a “I would never read those things!” fashion–really, my main method of exercise is a game where I thi arrows with my …

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Dec 02

Emptyeye.com- Week 7

This past week saw the end of November, which gave me an opportunity to compare how my stats looked for October vs. November. There seems to be some growth in terms of downloads, but November vs. December will be a more apt comparison–remember that I didn’t get the site up and running until mid-October. It …

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Dec 01

Dear Mrs. NotYourOriginalLastName

This was something that I got to wondering about going over my MySpace page and looking over my friends list. I’ve talked elsewhere about the fact that it seems like everyone I knew in high school in college is moving out/getting married/etc. and I’m…well, not, at the moment. That’s fine, as I honestly think the …

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