Emptyeye.com- Week 2

Okay, time for the weekly update.

Website-wise, not much has been going on. This is to be expected, I guess, as I don’t have any revolutionary news this past week, but it’s still a bit concerning. There was a brief spike yesterday for whatever reason, but eh.

In my life, let’s see what’s been going on. You’ll note that my life on the overall is actually rather boring. Sorry if I don’t live up to the rock star lifestyle, but I don’t think I’m necessarily more boring than 99% of people on the Internet. Whether this is inherently good or bad is up to you.

I didn’t quite get all the instrumentation done for the song I’m working on that I wanted to. I’m rediscovering that, whatever the general opinion on my bass skill (I guess it’s prety good, I only minored in it in College after all), I’m really a very limited guitar player, at least for now. I’m working to overcome that, but it’s slow going at the moment.

In the meanwhile, I’ve re-started playing Starcraft a bit more seriously. In the single-player campaign, I’m about back to where I was last time (Five years ago or so), on Terran Mission 10: The Hammer Falls. My problem with beating this mission is that, from what I can tell, it’s a type of “Integrate all the skills you’ve learned to this point to successfully win the mission” level. The problem is that I’m not particularly good at using a variety of strategies–the previous two levels, my methods for victory were “Amass one type of unit and lay waste to stuff” and “Reamass the same unit but add a second unit to deal with the annoying air units that pop up from time to time”, so combining everything I’ve learned doesn’t particularly work here. Oh well.

And that’s pretty much it.


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    • James on October 29, 2007 at 10:50 am

    I for one am glad you don’t post about the minutia of day to day life. For example, my blog this weekend would have been about painting my apartment. Facinating, eh? Though I can tell you, 99% of the Internet doesn’t have the patience to play through Deadly Towers.

    Guitar and bass are similar skills, though of course different variations on a common theme. It’s probably easier to go from guitar to bass (since you can get away with plectrum picking a bass versus finger picking an electric guitar).

    Good luck with Starcraft. I’ve never gotten into it myself–but who knows, one of these days. I prefer the open ended worlds of CivIV.

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