Emptyeye.com- Week 5

This week saw the release of another new song, “On a Cloudy Monday“. It also saw the site go down for a day thanks to some Lunarpages nonsense with the server the site is located on. So that was…interesting, to say the least. I haven’t really gotten much feedback on the song (Remember, leave comments or e-mail me!), but what is there seemed to be positive, so that’s definitely good. I’ve also started the drums for another track that promises to be longer and more technical than anything presently available on the site. Stay tuned for that.

In general site news, I’ve already used more bandwidth this month than I did for all of October, if my stats are any indication. This is definitely a good thing, as I have more than enough to go around (As I stated last time). Make sure to tell all your friends about the music and occasional book reviews here!

In personal news, I had an eye exam yesterday. I guess I have, not a loss of vision per se, but a loss of contrast due to the chemotherapy I underwent three years ago. Eye exams in general are difficult for me, as I have a mind that can instantly pick up and remember seemingly useless and random strings–like, say, rows of eye charts. In other words, if I have good vision in one eye, I could theoretically “cheat” at the exam and recite that row, or at least what I can see of the row–back when it comes time to test the other eye–not necessarily because I can actually see it; I’ve just remembered the sequence. This trait can be a plus, too: I have the ability to use random streams of letters and numbers for passwords without having to write them down anywhere (As a conversation I had with my cousin when I gave up my GameFAQs in frustration with the administration and where the site was headed illustrates:
Me: “Here’s the password: (password that was 12 characters, with letters of both cases, numbers, AND SYMBOLS)”
Him: “Oh, right, I’m totally gonna remember that.”
Me: “I did…”)

I also discovered that the Brass Mill Center has a Dance Dance Revolution machine! It’s an unlocked DDR Extreme that’s a dollar to play; unfortunately, my eye exam left me in no condition to actually play–dilated pupils tend to take away your close-up vision. Still, as that’s less than half the distance from my usual arrowsmashing arcade hang out, I’m going to eventually take advantage of it.

On the DDR home version front, I got another AAA, this one on DDR Extreme 2. You can click the thumbnail below to see the full-size picture. I also had one song that should have been a AAA, but the pad simply chose not to register a step, so I ended with 0 Greats and a Boo. Doh!

Saturday Night Love AAA

And that’s that. Over the next week, look for another book review, possibly some writing that’s indirectly about marriage, and whatever else I dream up in the meantime. Until then…



    • James on November 19, 2007 at 12:36 pm

    I’m hoping my comments stick around this time around! BTW Marc, you may want to list your blog in various blog catalogs and directories to help increase traffic–it worked well for my humble bloggy.

    Good job on DDR, you’ll be able to keep up with those top notch 10 year old girls before you know it!

    Oh and while your memory is quite good, I do have to say I think I got the best eyesite in the family. My ability to read highway signs from great distances is legendary (though I think I would look pretty cool–or at least smarter– in glasses!)

    • *** Dear on November 19, 2007 at 3:57 pm

    I, too, used to memorize the eye charts when I was in school. Heck, all those old ladies used to give eye exams and they couldn’t see past their hands so they always followed the same routine. It was easy until I realized I was only cheating myself cause, even if the exam stated that I passed, I still couldn’t see the board.

    On another subject, I’m surprised Rae didn’t tell you about DDR at the mall. Maybe she doesn’t want you to get any better.

    • cynthia on November 25, 2007 at 10:48 pm

    joey can do that weird random number/letter memory thing too.
    i am scared to get an eye exam because i think my vision has decreased a little since last time. which was like 6 months after my lasik.
    i would cry a ltitle.
    my night vision sucks now because of it though, but i’ll live.

    sometimes i miss my glasses though, especially since joey works at lenscrafters. =(

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