Random Thoughts on a Tuesday


  • It’s amusing how real life can sometimes serve as an inspiration for creative endeavors. Long story short, a case of mistaken identity on MySpace (Hi Meg, if you’re reading this!) caused me to think about the alternative–what if I had actually found the person I thought I was looking for? Basically, it would have meant that I’ve been mis-remembering pretty much my entire high school career. If I didn’t already have music stuff going on, I’d try and turn this into a story of some kind. Yeah, the whole “You’re not who you thought you were” plot has probably been done to death by now, but there’s a reason for that, I think.
  • I still have to get in touch with the SDA administration regarding my Astyanax run. Indeed, at some point I might add a “speedruns” section to the sidebar here and go into a bit more detail about certain details behind why I picked the games I did, as opposed to just play-by-play.
  • Speaking of the sidebar, further testing revealed that my sidebar problem seems to be confined to IE6 (Thanks to my cousin for figuring that out). This has me convinced that IE is the problem, not the code. Those of you that still insist on using IE will thus want to upgrade to IE7. Of course, I recommend dropping IE altogether and switching to Firefox
  • Check out the band that a couple of my friends from college are in, Running with Karma. If you have a minute, make sure to create an account at BoDog Battle and vote for them to make it on to the next round. The winner gets a million dollar recording contract, which is obviously a pretty big deal. You can vote once every 24 hours, so if you have a minute each day, keep voting for them and hopefully they can make it one step closer to the big money.
  • I finished laying down a basic drum track for another song. Without giving away too much, suffice to say that, despite my cousin’s assertions to the contrary, it’ll prove that I actually quite enjoy the band Tool (The average Tool fan that I’ve come across on the Internet is another story…


    • James on November 29, 2007 at 4:03 pm

    You should write your mistaken identity story because even though “You are not you thought you were” the Bears are who we thought they were…they’re who we thought they were..THE BEARS ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!! AND WE LET EM’ OFF THE HOOK!!!


    Keep up the good work with the Speedruns and yes, IE6 for some reason is horrible at rendering CSS (which is esepcially odd, given CSS was invented by Microsoft). I would assume your page may look like utter chaos in Safari but only weirdos use that browser :)

    I’ll listen to those bands when I get a chance but they might only get a vote or two from me (and probably from a proxy email). No offense, but I do have a fairly short memory with those things! If it was YOUR band that would be different!

    And I don’t think I ever said you didn’t like Tool but I know you hate certain Tool fans– of course at this point, I might say I hate about 90% of all the people on the Internet. Have you been to a Gamefaqs social board lately? UGH!

    • emptyeye on November 29, 2007 at 6:22 pm

    You know, I was really trying to work a Denny Green reference in there, but just couldn’t do it. I let it off the hook, I guess.

    As for the rest, I really should grab some more browsers to test the site in, but oh well. Soooo lazy. :P

    And now, I actually haven’t visited GameFAQs much at much lately. This is probably a good thing.

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