Emptyeye.com- Week 10

This week in Emptyeye.com, once again, not much happened. Indeed, I would expect updates to be rather sporadic for the next two weeks as I prepare for MAGFest, which is now in less than two weeks. I’ve been hard at work on the challenges, and can get at least one point on pretty much all the games now. Even some of the Expert challenges (Mega Man, Batman once I figured out the secret–not to be confused with The Secret–and of course Battletoads) aren’t too bad. One notable exception is the Ghosts N’ Goblins Expert challenge, which you can read my profanity-laced thoughts on here. Without tipping my hand more than I’ve already done, I submit that several games have their difficulties misrated–Mega Man’s Expert challenge, I feel, is easier than its Hard challenge when you get the pattern down.

Recently, I received a book called Lifting Shadows: The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater. Look for a review of that soon, though I suspect that, truthfully, a review of the book will be useless in a functional sense for reasons I’ll get into when I write about it more fully.

Finally, my Astyanax speedrun is officially in the SDA queue. Hopefully we’ll see it on the site soon.

Until next week, have a Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate in December…


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  1. […] Awhile back, I announced that I had acquired a copy of Lifting Shadows: The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater by Rich Wilson and intended to review it, though I suspected it would be useless from a functional standpoint. Having actually read the book, I stand by this statement–if you’re a hardcore Dream Theater fan, you likely pre-ordered the book as soon as you learned of its existence; if you’re not, you will no doubt look at the price tag (A total of $83 to ship to the US) and wonder “Who in their right mind would pay that much for this book?!” […]

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