January 2008 archive

Jan 31

On My Rediscovery of Gaming

When I was young, I fell in love with the Nintendo Entertainment System, known in common parlance as the NES (The site I linked to also has an interesting tidbit in a way–people tend to talk about the Great Video Game Crash of 1983. While it’s true that a ton of terrible games were released …

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Jan 29

A Few More Random Thoughts

You’ll all be delighted to know that “incompetency” is a word. Yes, this is important, for reasons that will become apparent as I start uploading my Ys I & II Let’s Play. Speaking of Let’s Plays, watching Cornshaq’s playthrough of the NES game Rambo convinced me that this game may be the worst application of …

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Jan 27

Emptyeye.com Week 15

Most of the interesting stuff in my life this week has been previously covered on the site, so this is really more out of tradition than anything else. Although honestly, the fact that I’m still updating after close to four months is something of a minor miracle in and of itself (Though I really should …

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Jan 24

R.I.P. Cookies and Other Less Depressing Thoughts

Cookies was my girlfriend’s family’s dog, who died earlier tonight. Eerily, I was actually at their house maybe 20 minutes before Cookies died. When I first got there, she seemed happy to see me, and even better than she had been the last time I saw her when she just kind of shambled up to …

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Jan 23

O Fortuna Makes Everything Awesome

Just an observation I made awhile back. You probably know “O Fortuna”, you just don’t know it by that title. It’s this piece of music, which is currently being used in several commercials. But seriously, anything set to “O Fortuna” just automatically becomes awesome. Gotta make a copy of something at work? Set it to …

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Jan 22

Rygar Speedrun Audio Commentary Now Available

This is a sort of test run for an idea I had to record audio commentaries for my speedruns and offer the “With commentary” versions here (The vanilla, just-the-music-please runs would obviously still be available on SDA if you prefer those). It’s an audio commentary for my Rygar speedrun. You don’t need any fancy codecs …

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Jan 20

Emptyeye.com Week 14/Stuff on the Site!

Even leaving out the stuff as regards my DDR adventure yesterday, this was a pretty eventful week for me site-wise. First, on the music front, I’ve been messing around with my new drum machine I got for Christmas, and the next song I upload will be the first using it. I have a basic knowledge …

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Jan 20

Your Out-of-Context Quote of the Week

“Democracy was such a bad idea.” Context behind the cut.

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Jan 19

I Am a Dancing-with-Arrows Machine!

I went to the Brass Mill Center today to play on the DDR machine of the Regal Cinemas within the mall. It was…an interesting day, to say the least. Because of my mad DDR skillz*, I received: Half a pack of gum A dollar The assurance that I could continue to use the machine I’ll …

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Jan 13

Emptyeye.com Week 13/New Song and Other Thoughts

This past week, I was on vacation from work! Fun, huh? I suppose, although I wasn’t nearly as productive on the musical front as I would have liked to be. I did manage to finish a new song, a solo bass instrumental that you can get here. Given the title of the song, I think …

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