Rygar Speedrun Audio Commentary Now Available

This is a sort of test run for an idea I had to record audio commentaries for my speedruns and offer the “With commentary” versions here (The vanilla, just-the-music-please runs would obviously still be available on SDA if you prefer those). It’s an audio commentary for my Rygar speedrun. You don’t need any fancy codecs or anything, but you do need a program capable of playing .MP3s, which any computer less than, say, 10 years old should have. What you do is download the file (Warning to those of you who are still on dial-up: Don’t even bother, the file is about 38MB in size, to say nothing of the size of the run itself), plus the speedrun, play the commentary file, and when it tells you to, press Play on the speedrun so the two sync up. Let me know how it sounds, if it was useful to watching the run, etc. If it’s bad, please, for the love of whatever deity you worship, tell me as much. You’ll save myself and everyone else who may download these things a lot of work and frustration.

All that said, you can download the commentary here.


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