Emptyeye.com Week 17

Colors- 7 GreatsUn Deux Trois AAACelebrate Nite- 6 Greats

This week…well, let’s see. Stuff actually happened. The dance gaming front was covered nicely by the thumbnails above, any of which you can click on to see the full picture. From left to right: 7 Greats on Colors (Heavy) in the arcade, a AAA on Un Deux Trois on DDR Extreme 2 for PS2, and 6 Greats on Celebrate Nite in the arcade. Pretty good stuff, though of course these are only the best of the scores (From the arcade session, there were another 15 or so scores I didn’t put down here).

Musically, I managed to work on stuff as well, although not what I expected to. I had planned to record some vocals for a song called “Tuition Madness”, but woke up this morning and my throat was feeling a bit scratchy. So instead I wrote some lyrics to the song about The Secret, and played a bit more with my drum machine as well to come up with half a drum track for the song as well. Now I have to figure out precisely what I want out of the chorus chord-wise, and I’ll hopefully be close to good to go with that as well. Considering there’s about two and a half months until I have to start recording “for real”, this is definitely a good thing!

Finally, on the book front, I finally picked Lifting Shadows back up, and have been reading it bit by bit during my lunch at work. Thus far, it’s pretty good; I’ve gotten to the point where they’ve just fired Charlie Dominici. I will write that review eventually, honest!

Until next week…


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