Curse You, Limited Vocal Range!

I had hoped to record the vocals for a song tonight so I could upload it tomorrow. Unfortunately, since I wasn’t recording a Rick Astley cover, I only got about half the vocals done thanks to repeatedly failing to hit the highest notes I was going for and eventually having to give up before I completely destroyed my voice for the next several days. Oh well.

Played some Mario Galaxy yesterday. Now up to 74 Stars; I could go beat the game right now if I wanted to, but I want to get everything I can first, just because.

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    • Silver on March 10, 2008 at 12:05 pm

    Limited vocals my ass! You just need to practice. I distinctly remember you hitting said REALLY high notes back in your Senior year of High School. Either way, your voice is still HOT to me. So much so, I think the two of us might do a duet. Too bad my vocals won’t help your case much.
    Never been formally trained and all that . . .

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