Emptyeye.com Week 21- In-Front-of-the-Scenes Work Work…

Kick the Can AAAEmptyeye Font Attempts

This week here on the site, I did actual, real work on the front end of the site, adding a new collection of fun musical things to give you, the listener, a glimpse into what it sounds like when a take goes horribly wrong, or when I just want to record something for its own sake and not worry too much about how it sounds. Also this week, I made a second attempt at something artsy. You can see it by clicking the right thumbnail at the top of this entry–the top is my original sketch mentioned in this entry, while the bottom is the more fleshed out, digitized version done to correct errors made in the sketching process/make it more symmetrical/etc. I actually like it; as I mentioned before, it’s a sort of Megadeth-meets-Nirvana style (And yes, I know the Nirvana logo is just a font).

In non-site news, my car’s back windshield got broken over the weekend by some uberclowns driving around with a log. Maybe someone will throw a log at their heads in retaliation. In any event, this is more of an inconvenience than anything else, as we have some type of insurance on glass on the car that doesn’t have a deductible of any sort. This doesn’t make it any more fun, though.

What is fun is the fact that I got my 14th home version AAA on the Heavy difficulty level of DDR. You can see that by clicking the left thumbnail at the top of the entry; the song is “Kick the Can” from DDR Extreme for Playstation 2. The song itself isn’t that difficult, but DDR Extreme is set up in such a way that a pad’s corner buttons double as arrows. The long story short is that this tends to give a lot of misfires that aren’t even the pad’s fault–as a natural consequence of a playstyle designed to conserve energy, I tend to graze the corner buttons and thus break my combo as the game thinks I was trying to hit an arrow way too early. In short, the fact that I AAA’ed the song is impressive moreso because of the game I did it on than for the song itself (All the other PS2 DDR games allow you to turn off this behavior).

I also went and cleaned out my desk drawers in an attempt to find my checkbook, which I knew was in the house somewhere but couldn’t figure out where. I found all sorts of interesting things–8 rolls of change, my Megadeth Rust in Peace CD–but no checkbook. As it turned out, the checkbook was in a black totebag type of thing that I would take things to and from college in. I graduated college in 2005, which should tell you how long it’s been since I actually used the checks. I’m going to start that up again for this whole album-making process, though.

Finally, I have 80-something stars in Super Mario Galaxy. I’m trying to get as many as I can before I finally beat the game, which I could have done about 15-20 stars ago.

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    • Silver on March 10, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    The sketch does look pretty good. Then again, I’m not sure what YOU want to go for with your buisness cards. When push comes to shove, YOU’RE the one that has to deal with them in the end.

    Some people are just rude. Why you gotta mess with a green car on the side of the road. It wasn’t doing anything to you. . .
    They are the Drunkards, after all. . .

    You know what’s funny, I’m thinking you just shoved all that random crap back into your drawer, didn’t you?

    And as to the Super Mario Galaxy thing, I think you’re just being a showoff. . .

    All in all, all Mario games that I’ve played since the original Mario game have been simple to run all the way through. They find a way to put extra stuff in there that you don’t need to get, but you can still beat the game long before you get everything. It’s kinda funny. I don’t play many videogames, but many that I’ve played recently want you to be greedy and go for EVERYTHING you can get your grubby hands on. I don’t know, is it just me???

    • emptyeye on March 10, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    To answer all the comments at once…

    For the stuff in my drawers, the rolls of change stayed in there, but I actually did take the Megadeth CD out and ripped it into my comp so I could throw it onto my iPod and listen to it at work. So there!

    Glad you seem to like the logo thing, even if I’m not quite sure precisely what I’ll do with it yet.

    For the music, most of the serious stuff has been getting added little-by-little to the section called The Six Day Exile, which has been there since the beginning, so I don’t know what you mean there…

    And my voice most certainly is limited, though it seems to be getting better. My problem is that I listen to way too much stuff like Rush or Dream Theater…despite my influences, my voice is definitely not suited to the prog-rock range.

    Lastly, funny thing about the guideline in the original logo sketch–I’m not even sure it’s 100% straight. Silly me…

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