Your Obligatory Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hooray for a semi-regular segment, huh?

  • To lead off, here’s another fine example of O Fortuna making everything awesome. Hockey is actually a fine sport to watch–it’s fast paced, play stops fairly rarely all told, and perhaps its biggest advantage over something like football or basketball is that the last 20 seconds of a game are actually played in 20 seconds and not 20 minutes–but c’mon, everything’s better with “O Fortuna“.
  • Sometime last night marked the second time that my Myspace profile had been taken over by nefarious spammers. I’m not exactly sure how it keeps happening–I only put my Myspace password into the actual Myspace site, and my password for that site (Amongst others) is neither easily guessed nor does it have any particular connection to me, so I can only surmise that there’s something in those “Click here for my naked pics” profiles that’s sending it to less-than-desirable sources (While I don’t actually click anything in said profiles, I do check every Friend Request I get, and 99% of them are some type of pseudo-porn spam. I’m not sure what that says about me, to be honest). That, or Paragon sold them the password (Long story/inside joke here).
  • Watch for a new song hopefully late tomorrow. I just need to record a solo for it, and drop in some samples and it’ll be good to go. I figure saying “Watch for it tomorrow!” will pressure me to actually get it done tomorrow, because consistently meeting reader expectations is an excellent way to foster loyalty, is it not?
  • Lastly, here’s a strange video featuring Ronald McDonald apparently teaching you how to play DDR. Note that the Left and Right arrows are the opposite of how they would normally be oriented on a dance pad, presumably to make it easier to follow. You fellow dance gamers out there may appreciate this edit of the video more.


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    • James on March 19, 2008 at 12:17 pm

    First of all— you actually check all the profiles of people who try to befriend you?! You’re a spammer’s dream account :) Never check out those profiles that are even marginally plausible (most of them that I know bring you to a false “you must be signed in to see this page” that looks just like the myspace page, only when you plug in your password voila, then got it). Luckily, most of them are interested in using your account to spam rather than more malicious things but you can’t really blame myspace.

    Or as I put it everytime I get those, no one who looks like THAT would have any interest in ME (especially given my particularly goofy array of pictures).

    Also: hockey does kind of rule, I’ve always liked it. It’s watchable on just about every level except college, where the players are so burdened by protective gear it slows the game down.

    Also also: with Karechi, since he’s actually selling his CD how did HE get the legal permissions from Square to produce it? Maybe you should talk to him abou copyright stuff because that seems like a slippery slope (especially when it’s all from one copyright game with an official soundtrack and a company that’s gone after similar projects). Hopefully he’s worked it out (or it doesn’t get enough buzz that Square actually notices).

    All I see are lawnmowers…

    • Silver on March 19, 2008 at 1:44 pm

    Alright. First off, the original Ronald McDonald isn’t around anymore. It’s just too wierd a concept to put a fictional character created by a national bad food chain on a set of three ddr pads. Second, If you look closely at his feet, you can see that nothing is synched up. Third, The video game doesn’t have english subtitles in the beginning. What if they were to dub the video badly into English. That way, everything’ll at least match. Fourth, the whole thing made my eyes hurt. Was that supposed to be ddr, it just look like the clown was just doing his own wacked-out dance. If you do ddr, you do ddr. Try NOT putting together two different games, then I might believe that the clown can ACTUALLY dance.

    Lastly, I’m not a cynic. I just hate clowns, especially clowns that try to be hip. . .

    • James on March 19, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    Also: I could watch this all day!

    • emptyeye on March 19, 2008 at 6:31 pm

    @ James: Now that you mention it, I may know where I screwed up. But like I said, I don’t generally click on anything in said profiles, so it’s either like you said (IE in a moment of absent-mindedness I typed my password into some fake site), or something inside the profiles themselves somehow ganks my password out of it. Luckily, my MySpace password even now is different than any of my other passwords (Most of which are distinct from one another as well), so while my profile sending out spam will likely piss off my friends, it won’t do any real permanent damage to my offline life.

    @ Silver: I honestly wish I knew more about the story behind the first Ronald McDonald video (The second one is easily enough explained by “Someone saw the first video and decided it would be funny to make another one where he dances to Fascination MaxX”). He seems to be playing, if not DDR per se, something like the “Hands & Feet” mode of the post-Extreme Playstation 2 games. It’s quite weird.

    By the way, early in DDR’s lifespan, the “biggest” portion of the fanbase was actually drawn to freestyle–that is, putting the game in Light mode, and crafting actual dance routines to the song, incorporating the steps in the game/the machine itself. Yes, really.

    By the way to my By the way, here’s what the actual Fascination MaxX Heavy steps look like.

    • James on March 19, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    ha and you’ll love this!

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