Emptyeye.com Week 23- A Consistent Update Schedule

This past week at Emptyeye.com, I managed to post at least something every single day, and my viewership apparently liked this. Either that, or spreading what little promotion I do throughout the week increased said viewership compared to the previous week. Whichever it is, hopefully I can somehow maintain that, or even increase it over time.

I started recording a new song over the weekend. Currently I have drums (Using the drum machine this time, which I am getting better at operating) and bass done, and want to get the rest done as quickly as reasonably possible (Though I don’t have a firm date for that yet, I’m helped somewhat by the fact that this new song is shorter than either “Epic Failure” or “7-11“).

Other than that, I don’t have much new to report. It would be a good time to give a heads-up that next week’s “Week XX” post will probably be superseded by a report on the DDR tournament I’ll be going to this weekend. Also over the next week, I’ll probably be playing with some behind-the-scenes stuff on the site. And in Super Mario Galaxy, I have 104 stars, not much of an idea of how to get most of the remaining 16 (EDIT: I figured it out. That’s actually sort of evil given the way I tried to play the game), and can go beat the game at any point.

Until next week…



    • James on March 24, 2008 at 10:31 am

    First off: not sure if this is my end or yours, but after checking your site everyday I just saw the posts for the last 3 days (and this one) appear this morning. I know .php will do this once in a while and I was checking on 3 different compys (work, lappy, home PC) so not that it’s WORTH anything, but if I haven’t been leaving comments that’s why.

    So to summarize things–

    1- 7-11 has some cool parts; I’m starting to realize in those odd times songs “sing-speak” style is an Emptyeye trademark and it’s growing on me.

    2- As someone on the NES gamefaqs board posted, speed runs are cool but defintely for the obssessive compulsive. The closest thing I’ve done is a no damage/ no special weapon run on level 5 on Castlevania (grim reaper level). I think it’s awesome some people really get the most out of each game and emulators make praciting fopr speed runs a breeze. Cool stuff nonetheless.

    I think this same mindset is how guys like the guitarists for Dream Theater, Dragonforce, etc get ridiculously skilled, though I still like the simple guitars of Bad Religion than either of ’em!

    3- Congrats on the DDR stuff (speaking of obsessive:)

    4- You know I never played Yoshi’s Island on the SNES– worth checking out?

    • emptyeye on March 24, 2008 at 10:38 pm

    Hmm, bizarre on the site not working for you for a few days (Or not displaying things or whatever). It seemed to work okay from my end, but then I spent most of my time in the admin side of things, so…this (And Easter) may also explain why my readership took a huge dive on Sunday.

    1. I’m honestly not sure if the odd times have anything to do with it–“Tuition Madness” is in straight up 4/4, as are the speak-singy parts of “Epic Failure“. I think part of the reason it didn’t sound good in “Tuition Madness” was the fact that I was genuinely indecisive about whether to speak or sing those parts, so the end result sounds a bit weird. On everything else, I had a better idea on what I was going for (Generally more speaking than singing), so the results were better.

    2. That’s a pretty fair assessment. And yes, emulators were a godsend in practicing for most of my runs in that I could break them into manageable chunks that I could commit to memory more easily than trying to go through the whole game at once right off the bat. But like I said, I hesitate to call any run the best, but if I had to pick one run to show a non-runner what speedrunning was all about, that Contra run would probably be it, for reasons I already went over in the post dedicated to it.

    3. Thanks. Incidentally, I played some DDR earlier tonight. My main accomplishment was learning that I play badly when tired (Which I should’ve known already from my MAGFest experience. Oh well.

    4. Yeah, check it out. They re-released it on GBA a few years back, so you can probably find that one cheaper. Very cartoony style, moreso than usual (Think Yoshi’s Story), but a lot more fun than Yoshi’s Story, apparently (Never played the latter, but remember it getting slammed review-wise).

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