Late Happy Memorial Day!

Today Jess and I went to her aunt’s house for a Memorial Day picnic. It was pretty fun, even if not a lot actually happened. Mainly, we played badminton and Mexican Horseshoes, but that was good enough for me. Thanks to liberal sunblock application (Which Marco, Jess’s aunt’s dog, apparently found very tasty), I managed to not get burned (Though I don’t burn as easily as Jess does to begin with), which is nice.

Also, given that it’s Memorial Day and all, let me take a brief soapbox moment here to thank all the troops in the United States Armed Forces, both living and deceased, who willingly put their lives on the line so that I don’t have to. Thanks, guys and gals.

Coming next scene! Can Emptyeye acquire personal lodging? Find out tomorrow!

Also, an imaginary cookie to whoever gets the “Coming next scene” reference.


    • James on May 27, 2008 at 11:11 am

    Starting at your previous post: which version of Sonar are you using? Sonar does make professional recording software, I have the Producer’s Edition which is used in a lot of high-end studios and is certainly good enough for my needs! I know you may have an older version though (Sonar 2 Home edition?) so if you can get your hands on something new, why not? Just stay away from the lousy Mac Garage Band or whatever that software is. Upgrading the compy is a great start (and Sonar 6 and up work with Vista).

    Also: what are Mexican horseshoes? Are there Mexican horses? I’ve seen a lot of burros in Mexico, do they count?

    Also x2: Marco the dog? Is there a new trend in giving pets human names? This weekend I overheard a “Jody” the dog and I’ve heard of a Sheila the dog and a Robert the cat. Oh, and Andrew and Dave for dogs as well. What happened with a good old fashioned “King” or “Muttly”?

    Also x3: Good job on the sunblock-you could teach sunburned Paul a thing or two!

    • emptyeye on May 27, 2008 at 10:26 pm

    Believe it or not, I still have that old version of SONAR 1 that I, um, acquired from you for Christmas of 2000 (You know, the one that you, in turn, acquired from King Kevin’s Software Emporium). So yeah, I’d like to upgrade it as cheaply as possible (And stay legal, hence my consideration of the Linux route).

    Mexican Horseshoes is a game where you have three metal discs, and you throw them at a board with three holes in it. The closest hole is worth one point, the next is three points, and the farthest away is worth five points. You’re trying to get to exactly 21 before your opponent.

    I have no idea about the pet names thing, being as I’ve never owned a pet in my life.

    And yeah, I didn’t want to wind up looking like Jess did after her brother’s graduation, so I took the sunblock. Of course, I’m a bit more sun-resistant than she is…I sometimes wonder if she couldn’t get burned by just looking outside on a sunny day!

    • Silverluna on July 12, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    Just so you all know, my grandfather brought that game back with him after he and my grandmother had been living in Arizona.

    Just a random fun fact.
    That’s also where he started making stuff out of wood for us as gifts when he comes back up to see all of us.

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