Random Tuesday Thoughts #Over 9000!!!

Actually, no it isn’t. But oh well.

  • Speaking of the meme for which this post is named, thanks to watching Let’s Plays by a guy calling himself Frankomatic, I now know pretty much everything I need to (And more) about Dragon Ball Z. How many times can you re-tell the same story in video game form? You already know the answer.
  • For the past week-plus on Jeopardy!, a soft-spoken, rather cute woman by the name of Larissa Kelly has been destroying all competition (Okay, not quite true, but her average winnings per day are in the $35000 range.). Good for her; since the “five wins max” rule was discarded in 2003, she’s actually the very first female contestant to hit 6+ regular-season wins (Males who have done it include, but may not be limited to, Kevin Marshall with 6 wins, Tom Walsh with 7 wins, Dan Pawson with 9 wins, David Madden with 19 wins, and of course, Ken Jennings, with 74 wins [And people who are even bigger Jeopardy! nerds than I am have analyzed just how likely such a run really was. Conclusion: He was a darn good player, but he was also darn lucky.].) Suffice to say that I wouldn’t mind if she continued to win.
  • If you’re curious, I go sign the apartment lease tomorrow night. And then I officially have an apartment, and have to really start considering how I’m going to move stuff. Hooray! I should really find out the exact address of the place…I know it’s on Canal Street in Plantsville, and I think the address is 500, but I’m actually not sure. Silly me.
  • Lastly, apparently Australia has a “National Sorry Day”. This is awesome.

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