Emptyeye.com Week 34(?)- Not Really An Update

This week, I’ve been mainly busy settling into the new apartment. The main issue thus far is a broken toilet and an unresponsive son-of-landlord (If you’re curious, it’s one sort of family-owned business that my landlord is a part of, and the son actually lives in the same complex. It’s not like I randomly called the landlord’s son with my problems for no reason). The surface-level problem is that the flushing mechanism is a bit loose, so when water gets that high, it leaks out. Those plumbers among you are naturally wondering “But why is the water level getting that high in the first place?”, which is really the deeper problem, I guess. Anyway, tomorrow will come a call to the landlord proper if I don’t hear anything by the end of work.

Other than that, though, it’s actually been pretty interesting living without cable. The lack of programming means I’ve been catching up on Seinfeld DVDs that I got for Christmas years ago and never actually watched (You’ll also note that as of this writing, Amazon is advertising for people who need a last-minute Father’s Day gift. Wow, that really IS last-minute), plus one of the 87 bazillion editions of the original Star Wars Trilogy (By the way, while I’ve never seen it, to paraphrase Wrestlecrap‘s R.D.Reynolds, “The fact that George Lucas, he of the Super-Ultra-Deluxe-Special-Editions of the Star Wars movies, refuses to officially release the Christmas Special, should be enough to convince you how bad it really is.”) and a documentary on their making. For some reason, George Lucas really likes shooting in Tunisia.

And that’s really it for now. Until next week…


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