Another Grandiose Idea I Will Probably Never Finish

While The Six Day Exile work is stalled–first by my laziness, then by some equipment compatibilities as outlined here–I figured I’d throw this idea out and see what anyone thinks of it.

I don’t have a lot for it yet, but what is here is Copyright ©2008 by me, Marc J. “Emptyeye” Dziezynski. Everything is in a very early stage, so a lot of the proper names and things will most definitely change before the concept is totally finished.

Essentially, when I first got into StarCraft, I had the idea for a StarCraft trading card game. I refined that idea today so that it actually doesn’t have anything to do with StarCraft anymore, but is closer to Magic: The Gathering meets the now-defunct WWE Raw Deal (Yes, there was a wrestling trading card game. Not only that, but it was pretty fun too..I still have some cards kicking around here, I’m pretty sure.). For the overarching concept, there are basically three factions–your Knights (Chivalry, saving the world, etc.), your Villains (Trying to take over said world), and for lack of a better phrase yet, your Damsels (Who are sick of always being imprisoned/tied up/forced to await rescue and have decieded to show that they can kick some butt too). It’s a paper/rock/scissors system, with Knights being strong against Villains, who are strong against Damsels, who are strong against Knights. Knights prefer direct combat and attacking their opponents. Villains like to summon creatures to do their bidding for them. Damsels generally prefer to stay out of combat and use magic to attack the enemy (I’m not sure how practical the difference between Knights and Damsels will be in this respect, yet.).

You can play as one of several characters, each with their own unique ability (Hey there, Raw Deal influence!)–one of the Knights can deal damage directly to his opponent once a turn, one of the villains can summon creatures at a reduced cost, one of the Damsels can heal herself if her health falls below a certain point and she has…magic (We’ll call it Mana for now, though I’ll need a different name for it eventually) to spare.

Beyond that, it’s very similar to Magic in execution. You start with 100 life points (Somewhat arbitrarily chosen and subject to change), and the object is to reduce your opponent to zero, using creatures/attacks/etc. The basic currency of the game as it were is Mana (See above), which you automatically generate one of for each turn. You can save it up to cast bigger spells/creatures/etc, or use it each turn. Some cards will allow you to generate more mana per turn.

The “vision” as it were is for about 200 cards, 50 or so for each faction (With the balance within each faction being tailored to their strength–Villains would have predominantly, though not exclusively, creature cards), and another 50 or so that anyone could use.

Yeah. Like the title says…but what do you think?

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    • James on July 1, 2008 at 3:08 pm

    Ask Wizards of the Coast if they’ll buy it? :) I didn’t know Starcraft still had a big following but card games seem to be a hit with the same audience, why not?

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