July 2008 archive

Jul 30

Well, That Was An Experience

Last night, Jess and I went to see Poison, Sebastian Bach and Dokken (Not necessarily in that order) at Mohegan Sun. I can’t really “review” it per se, because honestly, I spent a lot of the lead-up time trying to get out of going somehow–I’m not really a big Poison fan, and only know a …

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Jul 27

Emptyeye.com Week 40- A StarCraft State of Mind

The title of this post pretty much explains my past week–I’m watching a StarCraft-related video as I write this update, in fact. I continue to be terrible at the game, though I seem to be learning, if nothing else, the patterns of the computer opponents (Or, put another way, “How to Hold Off the Computer …

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Jul 24

Delightfully Random Thought

I wonder if “Asian” languages–that is, languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and others that use written symbols to represent words as opposed to letters–have their own version of “lolspeak”. I posed this query to myself after looking at a Starcraft-related motivation picture that I, of course, can’t find now. Hmm.

Jul 22

Wikipedia–the Anti-Snopes

“I can tell you are lookin’ for a way to live where truth is determined by consensus full of codified arbitrary directives come join us” –Bad Religion, “Come Join Us” I’m a big fan of The Urban Legend Reference Pages–I go there whenever I get some implausible-sounding e-mail to see whether said e-mail is really …

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Jul 21

Emptyeye.com Week 39- Not-Site-Work-Work…

This past week as far as the site goes mainly consisted of me finding out why my soundcard doesn’t fit my new computer. Apparently I have the next step up in card technology in the computer…which renders the soundcard obsolete, at least temporarily. My options now are either getting an adapter for the port, which …

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Jul 18

Well, That’s Interesting…

I went to visit my parents today, mainly to celebrate my mom’s birthday which is roughly around this time of the year. While there, I used her computer to look up my port problem. I’m ashamed to admit that I used The Font-of-All-Knowledge-Some-of-it-Even-Accurate to do so, but credit where it’s due, it did help me …

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Jul 15

Well That’s Just Sort of Humiliating.

The long story short is that I played around with Audacity earlier tonight to try to learn it in preparation for recording commentary for my Astyanax speedrun–and as I recorded some vocals, I immediately noticed the hiss upon playback that I couldn’t immediately make go away. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t all that much on …

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Jul 14

(Slightly Over) Nine Months of Emptyeye.com!

Yep. I had planned this post to coincide with (At least within a day or two) the opening of the site…then checked my archives and realized I made the first official post on the site on October 7th, 2007. So I was late by nearly a week. Whoops. Anyway, the most interesting thing is that …

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Jul 13

Emptyeye.com Week 38- *Idle*

Yeah. This past week, I did a lot of playing StarCraft and very little of anything else. I continue to enjoy the game, despite the fact that I continue to be terrible at it. Hooray for that, I guess. Mainly, I just need to get faster at performing actions. It won’t magically fix everything, but …

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Jul 11

The Rash is Dead; Long Live the Rash

Those of you who aren’t familiar with your old school video games are no doubt wondering if I’ve come down with some terrible disease. Those of you who are familiar with them know that “Rash” refers to the first player’s character in the original Battletoads, and may actually know me (Especially if you were at …

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