The Rash is Dead; Long Live the Rash

Those of you who aren’t familiar with your old school video games are no doubt wondering if I’ve come down with some terrible disease. Those of you who are familiar with them know that “Rash” refers to the first player’s character in the original Battletoads, and may actually know me (Especially if you were at MAGFest VI and got to see Pianotoads here for my assessment of how it went) as “That Battletoads Guy”.

I am happy to relinquish that title after seeing the new Battletoads speedruns currently on SDA. I actually knew this was coming for awhle–Pablo and I exchanged some e-mails awhile back, and I had the feeling he had been the one to perform the runs when I saw them on SDA’s “To be verified” list. To be honest, both of my runs needed improving anyway (To the point where I don’t think they would have gotten on the site had I submitted them now, as opposed to back in 2005 when SDA was just coming into its own), so this essentially frees me from having to accomplish that task. Either way, congrats to Pablo on two high-quality runs.

Speaking of speedruns, I’m going to attempt to record a commentary track for my Astyanax speedrun over the weekend, now that SDA officially supports external commentary tracks.

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