Well That’s Just Sort of Humiliating.

The long story short is that I played around with Audacity earlier tonight to try to learn it in preparation for recording commentary for my Astyanax speedrun–and as I recorded some vocals, I immediately noticed the hiss upon playback that I couldn’t immediately make go away. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t all that much on my Rygar commentary, so I scrapped it for the time being and will retreat back to my lair to plot my next move.

*Mutter mutter mutter*

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    • James on July 17, 2008 at 6:09 pm

    Ah, the dreaded hiss. I still don’t know what causes it– from what I read there’s approximately 1 million things such as:

    1-Interference from other electronics in the house (cellphones, microwaves, etc).

    2-Cheap or old cables.

    3-Cheap or old microphones.

    For me, I had to switch to the Tascam sound card/board and use that in Sonar to eliminate the majority of the hiss.

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