I Suppose I Should Update

Yes, I’m still alive.

Yesterday, I turned 25. This makes me ancient and decrepit in most of the social circles I hang out in (Except for work, where I radically skew the average age of the department downwards). So yesterday Jess and I went to her parents’ house for brunch, which was tasty. Then my friend Brian came down from Massachusetts, and we went to dinner before settling down to watch the Summer Olympics. On tap last night was diving, specifically 3-meter springboard synchronized diving. And the team tapped to lead off the broadcast performed….a forward dive.

Yep, that’s it.

Now, I realize that diving is hard. But seriously, this is something your average aquatic 8-year-old learns how to do. And you lead off an Olympic broadcast with this? Really, it makes it very difficult for me to not make fun of diving as a sport when this happens.

Adding to our confusion was that the next tandem performed an inward 1 1/2 somersault–which is apparently no more difficult than a forward dive. Huh? Excuse me?

The Olympics are weird.

In other news, I’m trying with all my power to resist buying an XBOX 360 and Rock Band after my Connecticon experience. This is made all the more difficult by my realization last week that I actually still have most of my stimulus check, which was presumably designed for such irresponsible purchases as ~$450 worth of limited-use video gaming equipment (Wasn’t it this irresponsible spending that got the US as a country these checks in the first place?). Oh well.

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