Aug 22

Two Quick Things for Friday:

#1: Burger King‘s new (I think it’s new) Spicy Tendercrisp Wrap is quite tasty, at least without lettuce (I don’t like lettuce, as anyone can tell you).

#2: Harmonix are making it very difficult for me to not simply cave in and buy an XBOX 360 and Rock Band right now, with announcements such as this one.

Everyone has that album that probably got them through their adolescence. I don’t know that I’d quite go so far as to say as Moving Pictures was that album for me (My essay that got me into college was based around the title track from 2112, actually), but it probably shaped who I am today as a musician (If not as a person) more than any other album, in terms of showing me what a bassist could actually do. As such, it’s very difficult for me to pass this up, despite the massive monetary investment it would take at this point. Sigh.

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