September 2008 archive

Sep 28 Week Whatever It Is- Foiled at Every Turn!

Recently, I’ve been attempting speedruns of Chuck Rock. It remains a rather unremarkable game, but I’m slowly getting better at making my way through it quickly. The one part I need more work on is the last level, particularly the first section–I ruined a great run today by choking at that part, whereupon I threw …

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Sep 24

I’m a Trendsetter! Sort Of….

I’ve discussed Gil Thorp and its snarky fan-blog This Week in Milford before. I apparently managed to briefly set a trend on said blog in terms of signatures. A bit of context: For some reason, one of the characters currently in the strip is 6 feet, 9 inches tall. For some reason, the comic continually …

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Sep 23

Hooray For Proper Streaming Software

The one sentence version: Tomorrow, I’ll probably be streaming some Chuck Rock speedrun practice, what with finding a way to do so that UStream will actually recognize.

Sep 20

Stupid Sexy Deceased Crab…

You may remember him as the Democracy-hating Let’s Player from exactly eight months ago. Well, apparently his next project is a certain mediocre game whose best part is its title screen music. Actually, I’m not that bothered by it–DC doesn’t typically (Or at all) play games for speed, so there should still be a little …

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Sep 17

Hack N Slash, Fetch N Fetch…

I’m an hour or two into Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and it’s occured to me that, essentially, this game is going to be Diablo II set in the Marvel universe. I don’t have a problem with this, by any means, but I found it amusing.

Sep 15


Yesterday afternoon, I went out and bought an XBOX 360, after having been assured by a Gamestop employee (Admittedly not the most unbiased source, but more likely to follow this than I had over the past two years or so) that the famous Red Ring of Death problem that plagued early models had been fixed. …

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Sep 13

My Title May Be In Trouble

Today was a Connecticon Member Appreciation Day. These things are pretty cool; they’re essentially one day mini-cons, with video gaming and the like available all day. It was really kind of surreal–the events take place in an actual office building, which gives everything a weird sort of vibe (Not to mention making it impossible to …

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Sep 11

Stupid Emulation!

Just a brief seems that for some reason, Chuck Rock doesn’t emulate correctly in ZSNES whatever-version-I-have. I can play level 1 fine, but then Level 2 flips the heck out, rapidly flashing back and forth between showing the actual level and…some other, completely unrelated part of the level from what I can tell. It …

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Sep 08

Stuff, Stuff…

Yeah. I’ve been a bit lazy with the Weekly Updates because, frankly, not much is happening here site-wise. Last night, I beat the thoroughly mediocre Chuck Rock for the first time. Prior to then, I could never figure out how to harm the last boss, and as the game is really pretty average (Except for …

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Sep 03

Emptyeye Saves a Pizza Dude’s Job!

Emptyeye conveniently leaves out of the title of this entry the fact that he was the guy that nearly cost said pizza dude his job in the first place! Basically, what happened was that Jess and I had some food (Ironically enough, not pizza) delivered. When I gave the guy the money, he didn’t have …

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