Stuff, Stuff…

Yeah. I’ve been a bit lazy with the Weekly Updates because, frankly, not much is happening here site-wise.

Last night, I beat the thoroughly mediocre Chuck Rock for the first time. Prior to then, I could never figure out how to harm the last boss, and as the game is really pretty average (Except for its awesome title screen music, which you can hear part of here), I never really thought to pick it up again until very recently. Not only that, but upon completing the thing, I came to the conclusion that it would be a good game to speedrun. It’s short, it’s obscure (So far, of the three-as-of-this-post comments at SDA, two are of the “I’ve never heard of this but more runs are always cool” variety, and the third calls the game…well, not very good.), it’s perfect for me. Now I just need to work out some strategies for it.

Yeah, I’m insane.

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