Speedrunning Caveman

Yeah. Today I managed to record my first really satisfactory (Read: one-life) speedrun of Chuck Rock. The time from gaining control of Chuck to the final hit on the T-Rex was 13:11 (For some comparison, the average Youtube video is typically only on the third of fice levels at that point); the SDA time would probably be several seconds higher, as they time until loss of character control, and there are roughly five seconds after striking the decisive blow that you still have control of Chuck. I’m still going to try and improve the run a bit more, though…the last boss in particular can be done faster.

In other news, I’ve been messing about with something called the RPG Toolkit. I don’t expect anything serious to come out of it–making games takes a lot of time and dedication, and we know by now how flighty my attention span is–but it’s fun to play with regardless.

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