Happy Veterans’ Day from Emptyeye

Just a quick post to say that, while Veteran’s Day is a day off for me (As are all federal holidays), it’s also a bit more than that. My grandfather was a Korean War veteran, one of my uncles has served overseas as part of the National Guard, and I have several friends who thermselves have friends and family in the various services. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll point out that I don’t think either of my relatives were on the front lines (In as much as “front lines” even exist anymore in modern warfare)–my grandfather never went overseas, and my uncle’s task while stationed in the Middle East was mainly flying generals back and forth to various places, but regardless. I just wanted to throw this out there and express my appreciation for the veterans in the various wings of our Armed Forces, whether they be truly putting their lives on the front lines, or doing one of those behind-the-scenes administrative jobs that keeps everything moving along. Thanks for willingly doing what you do so that, amongst other things, I don’t have to.

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