Hey Idiot, the Bandwagon Already Left.

I’ve decided that, contrary to my previous stance of absolutely despising the New England Patriots–I’m pretty sure there were very few people happier than I was when they choked hardcore in last year’s Super Bowl–I’ve decided I want them to make a 2001-esque miracle run to a Super Bowl victory.

Why my change of heart? Not because I suddenly like the Pats, mind you–I still can’t stand the media love fest for them, and I still think 90% of their fans are worthless bandwagon jumpers who couldn’t name their quarterback at the start of the 2001 season (More on that later). No, I just decided I want the Pats to win so that everyone will love Matt Cassel and go “Tom Brady? What’s a Tom Brady?” like the bandwagon jumpers did with poor Drew Bledsoe (He’s the answer to the little trivia question posed above, by the way) seven years ago. I’m of the opinion that Big Babychick Bill Belichick isn’t the coaching messiah that so many see him as (Look how the Wildcat absolutely confused the heck out of the Pats during the Dolphins game this season. Gimmick plays aren’t supposed to work more than once or twice, but the Dolphins kept running them, and the Pats–led by the supposed defensive genius that is Belichick–bit every single time), but rather just got really freaking lucky that a sixth round chump selection got some playing time thanks to a freak injury and turned out to be one of the best quarterbacks of my generation. I’ll remind everyone once again that after two games of the 2001 season, Bledsoe was out for the year, the Pats were 0-2, and everyone had proclaimed their season D-U-N Done. I’ll also remind everyone that Brady’s record through his first five games was 3-2, the same as Cassel’s record. And yet everyone who follows the Pats, apparently forgetting how their Golden Boy QB came to prominence in the first place, has apparently just given up on this season and are waiting for Brady to come back. Wrong attitude, I say.


    • James on November 17, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    Poor Drew Bledsoe, his injuries have lead to the rise of Brady and Tony Romo, the exact definition of the “golden boys” you speak of. You may remember in the late 90s, Bledsoe was a God in New England for getting the Pats to the Super Bowl and regularly contributing to a competitive team. At least Brady is a proven winner, so he’ll always have that even if he retired today. Still, I think I got the same satisfaction watching Romo single-handedly choke away two Cowboys sure thing playoff victories.

    Fans are a fickle bunch though–as long as you’re still rooting for the Oakland “JV” Raiders, you can continue to criticize the bandwagoners because there’s NO ONE jumping on the silver and black bandwagon :)

    • emptyeye on November 18, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    Yeah, I wonder how history would have played out if Bledsoe never went down in that 2001 season. My guess is that the Pats stay competitive, a perennial playoff team, but never become the Dynasty loved my fans and media alike that they were when from February 2002 to the present.

    As for the Raiders, when you’ve got your coach attempting a 76-yard field goal against the wind, your coach is either A. incompetent, or B. Passive-aggressively taking out his frustration with some of the higher-ups in the organization. Only in Oakland baby!

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