Nov 23

Chuck Rock Speedrun Posted!

Yes, after quite awhile, my speedrun on that platforming classic (By which I mean “Game that goes rapidly downhill once you press Start to get beyond the title screen and actually start playing the game”) Chuck Rock has been posted to SDA. Go check it out! And for those of you who found the site via the link in the run’s comments, welcome! Feel free to browse through the blog archive, or check out some of my music. If you’ve got your own site to advertise, consider putting in a bid for the ad-space to your right at Project Wonderful. Thanks, and hopefully you’ll keep checking back!

Oh, and a special shoutout to the people/bots/whatever from Amsterdam who keep trying to spam my Comments. I mention this only because they were the first people since I activated Akismet to actually succeed in getting through it–for about 6 hours, when I blocked any comments coming from their IP block. Hi Amsterdam!

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  1. James

    Just think, in Holland there’s a dude who is sad he can’t access your Chuck Rock run. Ha!

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    […] particular entry. Maybe because of its length? Fortunately, since the Amsterdam incident mentioned here, nothing of that sort has actually made it through Akismet. Posted by emptyeye / Filed […]

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