February 2009 archive

Feb 25

Random Tuesday Thoughts Wises Fwom Its Gwave!

Yaaaaaaay! In webcomicky news, I’m currently really enjoying the current storyline of Evil Inc., wherein would-be supervillains have been laid off from their evil corporation and forced to find alternate means of employment. In particular, today’s (the 24th) strip illustrates something I wished I could do to certain customers during my days working for Stop …

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Feb 16

Status Update!

Yeah, haven’t made a post in awhile. I’m certainly not dead, so don’t worry. My little webcomic project is slowly coming into shape. In truth, I’m a bit scared to pull the trigger on it, if only because once I start, I’ll be forcing myself to stick to an update schedule that I have no …

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Feb 10

I Continue to Exist

And sure, I’m still alive too. I figured out a use for my obnoxious amount of webspace, given that recording music on my current setup is more trouble than it’s worth at the moment. Suffice to say that it involves my starting from scratch in terms of talent. I think I mentioned that I was …

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Feb 05

The Post-MAGFest VII Wrap-Up

What? Something resembling an actual post? There’s no way that can be right! So this past weekend, Jess and myself went up to the annual Shizzie gathering that is MAGFest, a four-day music and gaming convention. This time, it started off even less eventfully than the previous year, as we left at about 7:45AM and. …

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