March 2009 archive

Mar 25

More Rock Bandy Goodness.

Those of you who follow this blog know that I tend to go through “phases” when it comes to hobbies and the like. Some I actually make decent progress on before hitting a brick wall (The music page); some are more fleeting in nature (Hey, what’s up card game idea?). Currently, it’s working on Rock …

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Mar 17

I’m a Rock Band Wizard…Or Something

Yep. Mainly due to this: Basically, it’s a 100% of The Who’s “Pinball Wizard” in Rock Band 2 on Expert Vocals. It’s not a particularly long song, but it has some of the more notoriously difficult phrases in the game in the “Sure plays a mean pinball”s. I never had any major trouble with those …

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Mar 07

Activity Equals Page Views!

A few brief notes in lieu of doing anything productive tonight: 1. I’m convinced that what Rock Band needs is some of the early Power Rangers theme songs. C’mon, tell me the full version of the original theme, or the extended ZEO theme wouldn’t make awesome rhythm game songs. You can’t do it. Bonus points …

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Mar 01

A Quick Update

For those of you who actually live near me, Fables Comics has a deal for the month of March where you get 25% off of collections/trades. I found this out randomly yesterday after buying Batman in the Seventies and the owner was nice enough to give me the deal anyway. Pretty cool. Oh, and did …

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