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A few brief notes in lieu of doing anything productive tonight:

1. I’m convinced that what Rock Band needs is some of the early Power Rangers theme songs. C’mon, tell me the full version of the original theme, or the extended ZEO theme wouldn’t make awesome rhythm game songs. You can’t do it. Bonus points in that the guitar parts actually have what I can see as some pretty difficult parts; the hilarity factor in watching people fail a children’s show theme on the higher difficulties would just be great in itself.

Actually, as I go through some more of the various Power Rangers themes, I think they’d all work pretty well.

2. For some reason, almost all would-be spam comments seem to target one particular entry. Maybe because of its length? Fortunately, since the Amsterdam incident mentioned here, nothing of that sort has actually made it through Akismet.

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    • MatrixTN on March 7, 2009 at 4:11 am

    People actually SUCK at the Power Rangers’ themes on there?! Fail hard they do methinks.

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