September 2009 archive

Sep 26

Just A Reminder

That Cornshaq and company are in the midst of the Stars of Dreamland Kirby marathon, playing through as many Kirby games as they can in 48 hours to raise money for the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter. So if you like Kirby, animals, or both, check it out and consider making a donation if …

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Sep 15

On Survival

Though I don’t talk about it a whole lot from post to post–it is in the About Emptyeye page–I’m currently in remission from T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (I’m still about two months away from officially being able to call myself a “Cancer Survivor”, though if it hasn’t come back by now, knock on wood, it’s unlikely …

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Sep 07

Video Gaming for Charity

This is another “Look at these cool causes!” post, this time regarding video games and playing them for charities of various sorts. The most famous “group” of this type is probably The Speed Gamers, who have done roughly a dozen marathons of varying lengths for various series, most recently a 72-hour Mega Man marathon. But …

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