Game Development and Rock Band Stuff

Yes, yes, I’m still working on Hysterium. Quite honestly, even I’m kind of amazed at that. I know how my personality is, and you can see the remnants of past aborted projects even looking through the posts on this site (RANDOM FUN FACT for newcomers: This site was originally intended as a headquarters for my music).

Luckily, the game is not one of them as yet. I don’t know that I’ll make my goal of having a playable demo out by the end of April, but I do try to do at least a little with it each day, even if that little is just “Restructure something so that it doesn’t make people who actually know what they’re doing with Object-Oriented Programming cry unicorn tears when they look at the source code”.

In other news, I’ve been getting back into playing Rock Band, since we’re less than three months from Connecticon and I have a title to defend. I’ll probably take the next month or so to work primarily on LEGO Rock Band, which I’ve not given enough love since getting it for Christmas, and spend the last two months or so working with Matt, Dan, and Whoever-We-Get-As-A-Bass-Player (TravellinMan, if you’re somehow reading this, please respond to the private message I sent you on Scorehero like a month ago. Thanks. Love, Emptyeye) on potential setlist songs for this year. Hopefully that’ll produce some quality results.

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