So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 16

I’m having to stretch more and more to come up with stuff that counts as “working on the presentation”, but at least I’m doing something every day.

Today’s non-productive productive thing was creating and ordering business cards to hand out or leave for people to take after the presentation. The basic idea is that it’s nice promotion for (No link, you’re here already, goofball), but more importantly, I want a way for people who have questions that I won’t be able to answer during the planned Q&A section (Either because I won’t know the answer, the question is a bit outside the scope of questions I want to answer at the time–E.G. “How was trick X in the video for Game Y you showed actually done?”–or I just run out of time.) to be able to reach me after the convention and ask the question. To that end, the cards have my full name, the site, my e-mail address, and my AIM name on them.

I really do want to engage people as much as possible and try to answer their questions if I can. To that end, I do plan on being available more informally after the panel as I’m taking stuff down/hanging out around the area afterwards to try and answer questions that I didn’t get asked during it. But I figure, essentially, I’ll be amongst a bunch of geeks, some of them (Like me) too shy to actually walk up to me and ask the question even informally. I know I do my best communication via writing (Despite the obligatory bizarre typos I make every now and then) , and so people like me should be able to have their questions answered too, even if it takes a bit longer.


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