So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 20

Let’s hope I actually remember to press Publish this time.

In F-Zero X run permission-getting progress, I got a way to get in touch with linner via his (Apparently linner is, in fact, a he) Youtube channel. There are some issues, though. If you scroll down a bit on that page, you will note a “Sorry, I can’t speak English.” More pressing (Yes, even moreso than the language barrier) is the fact that linner has apparently made himself scarce on the Internet of late, meaning that he may not even get the message until after Gobble-Con (Which is where I’m presenting the panel, and where you should go to check it out, wink wink nudge nudge.). UchihaSasuke noted that linner is a nice enough guy who would probably not mind me using the run, but I’d still like to try and send him something asking permission nonetheless. I’m now trying to find out whether Uchiha actually knows Japanese, or just machine translated something from English to relay messages back and forth.

If it’s the latter, I have an interesting challenge ahead of me. If you’ve ever tried to use Babelfish to translate something from a foreign language into English, you know that the results can be…amusing. This is especially true when going from an oriental language (Chinese, Japanese, etc) into English, where you almost need a translation for the translation (And this is without going into things like Multibabel, which passes the input back and forth through Babelfish repeatedly until the result is an utterly hilarious non sequitur that would make any self-respecting English teacher scream “WHYYYYYYYYYYY”.). In short, I’m not holding out a lot of hope that Babelfish handles going in the other direction any better than it does going in the direction a lot of people in the English speaking world use it for. This means that when I ask for permission in English, I’m going to have to really simplify the message in order to at least give myself and Babelfish decent odds of producing something linner can read. If you know my writing style, and you should, you know I’m in trouble here.

One person I realized I don’t need permission from, at least directly, is Mr. Ryan North–his About Page more or less says “As long as you’re making a profit off of the comics, do whatever you want with them!”, which is awfully nice of him. So I’ve integrated that into the slideshow.

The other thing I’ve integrated into my presentation is the concept of the Black Slide. It’s what you would think it is–a blank, black slide that you put up when you don’t need a slide behind you. The point of it is basically to keep the audience’s attention off of whatever you’re projecting and on you. Check out the blog post (And the comments) for why I’d want to use such a thing, as well as how it differs from just using the “B” key in the presentation software of your choice.


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