So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 24

So I did, indeed, come up with an opening for the presentation. And I also added one more black slide to it. The rest of the slideshow aspect is pretty solid, I think. If nothing else, I’m avoiding the major trap of reading text-heavy slides to the audience, and I feel like what text is on them is there to reinforce what I consider to be especially important in the presentation.

Tomorrow will, in all likelihood, come my first “dry-run” of the content with my cool little slide advancer thing that I bought at an Officemax a couple weeks ago. That’ll give me a rough idea of how much time I need for the presentation on its current form. From there, I can ask Don at Gobble-Con for that block of time, and he can either give it to me, or tell me “That won’t work, you’ll have to cut some stuff out.” (I suppose “We’ll actually need you to fill more time than that; can you come up with some more material?” is a third option, but it’s not one I’m counting on, and to be honest, it’s not even one I’d particularly want at this point, although I’d deal with it if it came up).

This is really starting to come together!

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