So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 26

Today I managed to begin attempting one of the weaknesses I had when running through the presentation for the first time–namely, not knowing what was on my slides (Or, more accurately, not remembering their exact order). I quickly learned that, while the “black slide” concept makes a lot of sense, you had better damn well know where you’ve put them before you go up and make your presentation “for real”. Fortunately, I have plenty of time in that regard, especially now that Silver has a part-time job, a side-effect of which is the apartment to myself on some nights (I do plan to eventually rehearse this in front of her, and probably some other people too. For now, though, I feel less like an idiot without an audience, especially as I work the kinks out of exactly when I have to click from one slide to the next).

How I did this was to begin writing an outline of my presentation that I’ll have, with (Click) interspersed through the outline to tell me when to click to the next slide. I don’t plan to read from the outline by any means, but it’ll be nice to have so I can occasionally glance down at it and note where I am, what’s coming up, etc. I’ve gotten about 2/3 of the way through it so far, and will probably finish it up tomorrow.


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