Announcing Some New Old Material

On the TV Tropes Live Bloginations Forum, I detailed my experiences playing through several games, Wizardry I and Dragon Warrior, both on the NES. More accurately, I turned both playthroughs into a sort of fan-fiction (Yes, there are more types besides “Two male characters mercilessly screw one another’s brains out”), creating an actual story and characters which were rather scarce in both games.

Since I’ve done pretty much everything I can do short of actually rehearsing my panel, in order to continue making posts, I’m going to be doing a sort of “Director’s Cut” of those two liveblogs. What I plan on doing is re-posting them here, correcting any misspellings, bad links, etc, but not changing any of the actual content other than that. In addition, I’ll be posting post-entry commentary stating what I was thinking both in terms of the writing and the actual gameplay, and what I think of it now. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this.

Also, after entirely too long, I’ve gotten rid of the “latest song” thing near the top of the site. I also did some minor tweaking to add a space between “and” and the category names on each entry. And the copyright notice has finally been updated too.


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