Wizardry I Liveblog Bonus Edition: Chapter 9

Part 9: The Second First Extended Excursion

Nyperold: “Okay guys, just follow me and we’ll be fine. We’re gonna go get some keys, and then make you guys big and strong.”

Nario: “Gosh guys, this is so exciting! Our first real adventure!”

OptimusF: “Yeah, whatever. Hey, Mentor Buddy.”

Nyperold: “My name is Nyperold.”

OptimusF: “Spectacular. Hey, Nyperold, is there going to be anything I can steal here? Like maybe…some telephones? Or lampshades?”

Nyperold: “I…don’t even know what those things are, so no. There will be treasure chests you can disarm, though.”

OptimusF: “Uh…neat. I guess.”

The group walked to where The Silver Key was. Kareshi found it.

On their way to the Bronze Key, Nyperold struck up a conversation with the group.

Nyperold: “You know, all my blubbering about my old crew aside, I really hope you’re all grateful for the equipment. You all had it a lot better than they did when we were just starting out. Well, except for you, Nario. Mage equipment selection is kind of limited, unfortunately.”

Kareshi: “Oh, we’re grateful, definitely.”

Nyperold: “Cool. Yeah, we just had Chainmail to start off..and Emptyeye needed us to pool our gold to even be able to afford that! of course, the jerk bought a Helm with the leftovers…”

Spooky C: “Why was Emptyeye so poor to begin with?”

Nyperold: “The goofball thought going to the poker tables the night before was more important than resting up for our adventure!”

Spooky C: “…and this guy was your leader?”

Nyperold: “Yeah…the man loved his gambling, but in the dungeon, he knew what he was doing. Hopefully, I’ll be as good a leader as he was.”

Tobleron: “Well, considering what happens if you’re not…”

Nyperold: “Let’s not think about that.”

The party eventually found its way to the Bronze Key. After a quick trip back to the city to recharge, the group made its way back to the southeast corner of level one, to the statue that Nyperold’s old band had searched so many times before.

Nyperold: “Hey Nario. Search around that statue there, you’ll like what you find.”

Nario: “Okay! Let’s see…maybe I’ll find another keyyARRRRGH!”

OptimusF: “Ahaha, that was hilarious!”

Nyperold: “I thought you’d like that! Now let’s kill it.”

The group did. They then repeated the process for a solid 15 minutes, enough to raise the group to level 7 proficiency. Returning to town, Kareshi and Tobleron both bought themselves suits of Plate Mail. As they separated for the night, Nyperold thought to himself:

Nyperold: “You know….I think these guys and I will be all right.”

Next time: The second floor, the second time around!

XTREEEEEEEEME Bonus Commentary!

  • Here we get a bit more personality of our characters, Nario and OptimusF(unk) in particular. Nario is pretty much how he posts on The Shizz, something of a Wide-Eyed Idealist. OptimusF is not nearly as much of a snarky jerk online (or in-person) as he’s portrayed here, but it seemed like the best thing to go with based on the fact that the “Lampshades and telephones” comment is based on a real MAGFest incident in which Optimus…relocated, let’s say, some hotel equipment to another room (And got that room’s inhabitants kicked out of the hotel when they found the equipment).
  • Nyperold is also starting to show a hint of a personality that isn’t “kill everything”, brought on in part by the fact that he’s now the mentor for a group of newbies, rather than a one-track killing machine in a group of equals.
  • Almost decent writing here! “Maybe I’ll find another…” is a reference to the fact that Nario found the Bronze Key, which I don’t actually state directly anywhere in the chapter. Woo!

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