2010 archive

Oct 05

So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 32

Knowing that I really need to practice the presentation for Gobble-Con, but being lazy at the same time, last night I struck a compromise and ran through the audio part of it, IE what I want to say. I’ll have to do some more of that in the coming weeks if I really want to …

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Oct 03

Phantasy Star II Streaming Fun

Over the last few Sundays, I’ve been streaming Phantasy Star II at my UStream channel. It’s been fun replaying it, even if I had kind of forgotten where one of the towns was located (I’m using dungeon maps from an aborted speedrun attempt, which makes it quite a bit easier.). So to up the challenge …

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Oct 02

Wizardry I Liveblog Bonus Edition: Chapter 6

Woo-hoo, a fan! :D Part 6: In Which Nothing Much Happens The group returned to the first floor, and kicked the crud out of Murphy’s Ghost, repeatedly, for what seemed like forever. The main effect of this was to increase Emptyeye’s level. Rocky and mahel042 also leveled up. After the three warriors purchased Gloves of …

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Sep 29

So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 31

Admittedly not a lot of progress to report today. What I did do was put “Mention Q&A” in its proper place near the beginning of the notes I have for the presentation, which will help me, you know, remember to mention it. And that’s about it, really.

Sep 27

So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 30

After not thinking about the panel for Gobble-Con for over 2 weeks, I ran through the material again earlier tonight. And that’s really about the only positive thing that can be said about it. I took longer than I had before, and it was just generally not very good–I still forgot to mention important stuff …

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Sep 25

Wizardry I Liveblog Bonus Edition: Chapter 5

Part 5: Third Floor’s The Charm? mahel042: “So what awaits us on the third floor?” Emptyeye: “Actually, um…not a whole heck of a lot if this is anything to go by. There’s that elevator again, but other than that..looks like whoever made this map didn’t even finish this floor.” (LIVEBLOG NOTE: In Wizardry I, the …

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Sep 23

Wizardry I Liveblog Bonus Edition: Interlude 2

@Nyperold: Nope, no penalties, just a nice -4 to AC (This being D&D inspired, a lower Armor Class is better). And as you can see, a wide selection of classes can use them too. @Zudak: That was basically what I said too. I still remember my mom fighting one for the first time and finding …

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Sep 21

Wizardry I Liveblog Bonus Edition: Chapter 4

Part 4: Second Floor, Same as the First? The group returned to the dungeon and made their way to the stairs to the second floor. Zudak: “So what can we expect to find on this floor, Fearless Leader?” Emptyeye: “Well, let’s see…the way we came down here, it looks like there are a couple statues, …

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Sep 19

First Impressions: Dungeon Fighter Online

Late last year, RaneofSOTN on the SDA forums brought to SDA’s attention a game called Dungeon Fighter Online, one of the Nexon Network of games (Probably best known for Maple Story at this point). What differentiates this game from a lot of other MMOs out there is that it’s not an RPG, so much as …

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Sep 17

Adventures in Air Conditioner Removal

Since I would be home several hours before Silver, I received the assignment of “remove our air conditioner before she gets home”. Right away, I knew this was going to be a challenge. For one, said air conditioner is a horrifically old, heavy model that was in the window when we first moved into the …

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