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Dec 26

Happy Holidays from Emptyeye!

Yes, I know it’s December 26th. Just consider this a Happy Boxing Day message if you want to tie it to a specific holiday. -EE

Nov 25

Gobble-Con 2011: Definitely Not Financed By A Bank Robber

Last weekend was the second-annual Gobble-Con, a small convention that this year took place at the Stamford Plaza Hotel, eventually to be renamed the Stamford Crown Plaza. I arrived at noon and got my badge. Unfortunately, my hotel room wasn’t ready yet, so I left to go get some food. Something I didn’t realize: Summer …

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Nov 10

Washing Away the Stream

Sharp-eyed viewers will notice the link to my uStream account is gone. This is actually kind of a sign of how badly neglected this place is, since I had been using Twitch/Justin.tv to stream for the past several months. But I decided earlier today that I was done. Done with streaming. Done with watching streams. …

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Oct 27

I Don’t Even Remember Making That Last Post

But apparently I did. I’ve had a couple ideas for stories that I’ll probably start working on next month. One is basically Golgo 13 meets Sailor Moon, and another centers around a kidnapper/psychologist who helps his targets realize that they’re better off without the person who comes to rescue them (As of course, in fiction, …

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Oct 15

Writing and Presenting

So I’m about a month away from Gobble-Con 2.0, where I’ll be giving the So You Want to be a Speedrunner panel again. This time, I have a bunch of new videos to show, and I asked for a second hour to do a live run of Mega Man X, even though the game play …

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Sep 24

I Should Let You Know I’m Still Alive

Yeah, that works. I’m currently sitting in the living room of my friend Emily, watching another one of my friends playing Final Fantasy VII. Considering what it took to get here (It took about three times as long as it should have), I’m quite glad to be here. My writing career has begun the same …

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Aug 29

I Feel Like a Real Writer Now

Although not for the best reason. I got my first rejection of a story yesterday, from 10 Flash Quarterly. I’m pretty sure this makes me a real writer, since it will be the first of many rejections to come. Heck, Ray Bradbury says that he got a rejection a week for 50-plus years. I’m not …

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Aug 14

Killing Your Children- Metaphorically Speaking

Awhile back, one of my friends noted that he was editing his book, and implied that he hated the process. It makes sense, in a way; in On Writing, Stephen King mentions that cutting out words from your story is akin in some way to killing your children. He goes on to mention that, whether …

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Aug 04

It’s Almost Gaming Marathon Time!

Later on today, Speed Demos Archive will be starting their summer marathon, creatively titled Summer Games Done Quick. It’ll start at 2PM EST today, and tentatively go until about midnight on Saturday. Check out the full slate of games to be played here. I’m not participating in this one (Utah is a little far from …

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Jul 26

No, I’m Not Dead

Just been busy with stuff–gaming, short story writing, and so on.