A Quick Update While I’m Not Away

Today was the last Connecticon Member Appreciation Day before the convention itself. Today was spent both playing Rock Band and preparing for the tournament. Dan came up with a scoring spreadsheet that, after a bit of experimentation, we decided seemed to be fair, which primarily takes technical ability into account, but with a performance element in it as well (The formula is currently about 80% technical ability to 20% performance). We also discovered that, while it isn’t directly stated, there does seem to be a “hidden” Band Difficulty for each song in Rock Band 3. This makes things a lot easier in terms of having to tell bands what their choices are.

Honestly, I’m more nervous about running this than I ever was participating in it. First of all, despite what happened last year, I’m working from a pretty solid foundation that I don’t want to have come crashing down. Secondly, prize support for the tournament was not cheap–while I’ll ultimately end up being reimbursed for it, for the con to fully reimburse me and still hit the break even point for it, I have to attract a total of sixteen qualifying bands somehow. I made a post on Score Hero about it, and I’ll have Dan post on the Rock Band forums as well (His 2 posts there is an infinite number more than my 0). After that, I’ll have to do some Internet searching for places to promote it.

So, I’m still here, and still being productive.


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