I Feel Like a Real Writer Now

Although not for the best reason. I got my first rejection of a story yesterday, from 10 Flash Quarterly. I’m pretty sure this makes me a real writer, since it will be the first of many rejections to come. Heck, Ray Bradbury says that he got a rejection a week for 50-plus years. I’m not Ray Bradbury, in either sheer output or skill, so I fully expect more “Sorry, we’re passing on this” letters in the future.

As for the story I had written for 10 Flash, I quickly sent it out to Abyss & Apex. I don’t have high hopes for acceptance here, since Duotrope (Which is an awesome website for finding short story markets, as well as tracking what you’ve sent where) reports an acceptance rate of just over 1%, versus about 15% for 10 Flash. But I figure that’s still better than the 0% chance I have if I don’t submit it, and the more stories I have out in the wild, the better the chance that one of them eventually gets accepted somewhere.




  1. Precisely – onward!

    And congratulations on your first rejection. ;) Someday you’ll look back and say, “I remember when…”

    • emptyeye on August 30, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    Heh, thanks Wendy. I have a lot of ideas writing-wise as well…it’s interesting how one prompt can spur two totally different things.

    Hopefully soon you can congratulate me on my first acceptance. ;)

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