2011 archive

Jun 26

Checkin’ In

Writing this while I watch UltraJMan play La-Mulana Wii. Writing-wise, I’ve finished a revision of my Machine of Death story that, I think, is stronger than my original concept. As I mentioned before, I changed the concept a bit to focus less on the original main character and more on the reactions to her calling. …

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Jun 20

My Stories, They Run Away

I’ve been working on my submission for the second Machine of Death book (If you’ve never heard of the first one, you can read about the concept here), figuring I may as well aim high as I prepare for the inevitable stream of rejections for my short stories. This one’s had an interesting road so …

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Jun 17


Over the last five months or so, I’ve been hitting the gym. More specifically, I’ve been going to the Planet Fitness locations in Waterbury and Meriden; which one I go to depends on what I happen to be working out that day. Despite the fact that I’ve been going for the last five months, working …

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Jun 11

A Quick Update While I’m Not Away

Today was the last Connecticon Member Appreciation Day before the convention itself. Today was spent both playing Rock Band and preparing for the tournament. Dan came up with a scoring spreadsheet that, after a bit of experimentation, we decided seemed to be fair, which primarily takes technical ability into account, but with a performance element …

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Jun 08


Saturday night, my friend Brian and I went to Mohegan Sun. My purpose for this trip was two-fold. First, it was to meet Nick Houser, one of my Skype friends and a fellow SDA member, who had turned 21 last week. The other was to play in one of the casino’s midnight poker tournaments. At …

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Jun 06

It’s a Party, Party, Party

As you know, I got married in January. Since January is not a very good time to hold outdoor parties, and since both Silver and I have pretty big families, our parents decided to hold our wedding celebration (One of the things I was adamant on is that it was not a reception, per se) …

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May 31

As Promised, A Magician Speedrun

Here you go. This run finishes the game in a shade under 13 minutes and 45 seconds. If you happened to watch Japan Relief Done Quick, for reference, it took at least that long to realize I was streaming to the wrong place, at which point I was less than halfway through the game (Which …

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May 30

What’s Been New With Emptyeye

Lately, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into the Connecticon Rock Band tournament. I finally finished the spreadsheet of songs for it, containing all 661 songs you can currently play on my Rock Band 3 setup. The spreadsheet will be printed out to help people get a sense of what they can pick, especially …

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May 30

Happy Memorial Day from Emptyeye

Just a quick note to say Happy Memorial Day to everyone whom it applies to (I just learned that the US is not the only country that celebrates it). I have several relatives and people I know in the armed forces, and while I (and they) been lucky enough that they’ve all survived the experience, …

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May 26

Air Conditioned Comfort

Earlier in the week, I made a trip to Home Depot to price out air conditioners. When Silver and I moved into this apartment in 2008, there was an air conditioner already in the bedroom window. This was good, since we didn’t bring one of our own. The bad thing is that it was an …

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