I Lied.

Since Awesome Games Done Quick 2012, I’ve taken to streaming stuff on Twitch TV. Yes, I know I previously said that I was done with streaming. The post title says everything.

Truthfully, most of Twitch.TV’s issues are still there, particularly the chat not loading at random points. But one of the big things that changed my mind was that Nate brought a bunch of Easycaps to AGDQ 2012. An Easycap is basically an easy-to-use capture device that, once Lee generously gave me the proper software for it, I was able to use it with XSplit to give my streaming setup a major upgrade. Suffice to say that using an old webcam to try and capture the game I was playing was, in romscout‘s words, “An interesting experience, to say the least.” Fortunately, I don’t have to do that anymore, and can instead devote the webcam to, you know, webcamming.

I also have to thank Mike Uyama for kindly sending me a third set of RCA cables, which allows me to stream my “old-school” NES and SNES games, opening up a whole new world of streaming, including actually being able to stream proper speedrun attempts for the first time.

And now that I have something resembling a proper streaming setup, actually doing streams is really exciting, to the point that I’m trying to get myself on a consistent streaming schedule. This also forces me to, you know, actually play games, which is something I’m excited about. After I work out a speedrun of Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode, I have all sorts of games I can play on stream, to the point of almost being paralyzed about what to play next. It’s a good feeling.

I stream here every Tuesday and Thursday evening (EST), and I try to throw a weekend stream in too at irregular times. Come check it out, and feel free to hit the “Follow” button on the page as well–I like watching the number next to the heart go up. Also, when I’m not streaming, check out the SDA Team Page for other cool people streaming. Especially give the people who don’t get hundreds of viewers regularly some love, they could use it.


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