March 2012 archive

Mar 31

The Phantasy Star III Chronicles: Part Eight

For some reason, the world of Phantasy Star III loves its fountains to lead to dungeons that connect to castles. I don’t get it either. It’s probably a testament to how unpopular the game is (Or how unpopular I am) that I wasn’t called out on not knowing who Lena was. It turns out that …

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Mar 29

The Phantasy Star III Chronicles: Part Seven

Oh what do you know! Lyle turned out to be a Layan the whole time! Whoever would have predicted that?! Yes indeed, it turned out that Lyle was the prince of the Layans. And of course I had to fight him. Yet even with this, frankly, predictable turn coming, the game managed to defy my …

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Mar 26

The Phantasy Star III Chronicles: Part Six

My second attempt to explore the tower mentioned in the previous entry got me no cool equipment, nor anything immediately useful. I did find a couple Trimates (Phantasy Star’s equivalent of Final Fantasy’s X-Potion…basically an item that restores a party member to full health), and the second floor of the tower did have a satellite …

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Mar 23

The Phantasy Star III Chronicles: Part Five

Knowing what my next two objectives were (In order: Go to a western cave, then go to the tower to the east), I set out. My mission in the cave was to find a cyborg so I could fix the weather control system in the eastern tower. One thing I’ve noticed is that the more …

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Mar 17

The Phantasy Star III Chronicles: Part Four

Making my way to the other side of the second dungeon, I came upon a shipping village. There was a small problem: The village, as well as the entire region, was frozen over, making fishing difficult. Finding ruins of an Orakian Fortress, I crossed them and ended up in a large desert region. This had …

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Mar 16

The Phantasy Star III Chronicles: Part Three

First off, some stuff I missed from Part Two: When I acquired Mieu, a part of the overworld background music “filled in”, giving me an additional instrument. Think of what happens as you get further into Yoshi’s Island, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Pretty cool. Also, Mieu is actually more human than catgirl. …

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Mar 13

The Phantasy Star III Chronicles: Part Two

I’ve now acquired a character and gone through my first dungeon in Phantasy Star III. The experience has certainly been interesting, and unexpected. It’s clear that Sega learned quite a bit from Phantasy Star II. While the encounter rate is as high as ever (My cousin noted that PSIII’s encounter rate makes PSII encounters seem …

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Mar 12

The Phantasy Star III Chronicles: Part One

While I get closer to my goal of a Golgo-13: Top Secret Episode speedrun (I’m now under an hour from start of control to end of control, thus proving one SDA member wrong about what such a run would entail), I decided to begin another project off-stream. Yes, I’m going to try something I’ve started …

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Mar 10

This Is A Poll!

For the first time in four years, I’m actually using this plug-in! This is a poll relating to what I should stream once I get a run of Golgo-13: Top Secret Episode worthy of submission to SDA. You can pick up to two answers, though note that I won’t really be speedrunning any of these. …

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Mar 03

3 Dudes, 721 Games, 60+ Hours, 1 Relay for Life Team

Just a quick note that my friend Eric_Dude is in the middle of streaming his entire 721 game SNES collection to raise money for his wife’s Relay for Life team. Check it out here, and donate if you have some spare cash! -EE