The Phantasy Star III Chronicles: Part Three

First off, some stuff I missed from Part Two:

When I acquired Mieu, a part of the overworld background music “filled in”, giving me an additional instrument. Think of what happens as you get further into Yoshi’s Island, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Pretty cool.

Also, Mieu is actually more human than catgirl. I think it was the claw attack that confused me. Whoops!

Now then, onto part three.

After acquiring the Sapphire, my next task was to find the cave that the Sapphire would allow me access to. I knew from talking to people that the cave would be to the east. I found a cave somewhere southeast and…couldn’t get in. Everything I tried yielded nothing. Confused, I wandered around what I could, and found two Layan Palaces that I couldn’t really do anything with (Being aligned with the Orakians..see Part One for a brief plot synopsis up to the start of the game), then decided to use my handy-dandy Monitor to see where I was. Feeling stupid, I walked as far east as I could, then slightly north (Practically right by the first Layan Palace I went to), where I found my target. I walked in…

…and wondered what the hell people were talking about when they say this isn’t really a Phantasy Star game.

In this so-called “cave” were platforms held up by pipes, with more pipes in the background, just like an early Phantasy Star II dungeon. And this one was a good deal more complicated than the first one (Although fortunately, it seems to only be a single floor [Please don’t spoil anything in the comments.].), to the point where I decided to make a line-map of it. The dungeon’s encounters were also a major step up in difficulty, to the point where my party actually got wiped out once. I have to say, I honestly liked this, being more old-school in my RPG sensibilities (This is why I volunteered to play Final Fantasy, albeit the much easier Dawn of Souls version, for a Speed Gamers community marathon).

Next time, more progress!


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