The Phantasy Star III Chronicles: Part Fifteen

At last! Pandemonium Progress!

This update actually covers two sessions of me wandering around looking for what the heck to do next. At the end of the first session, I was actually closer to my goal than I had realized, having stopped at the cyborg town in Aridia. Yet I went back to the fourth continent to try and see if I could get to Techna, which I still couldn’t despite wandering all around and trying to get a land bridge to appear a la the end of the first generation.

At this point, I should point out that poking around Phantasy Star.Net spoiled the fact that Landen wasn’t just a town, but a continent. Looking at my Monitor, there were no other new continents available that I hadn’t been to.

Then I realized that there was about half of the very first continent that I couldn’t access in the first generation, and since my path to said continent was still blocked by a lackey of Lune, that meant there had to be a second cave to get there. Sure enough, wandering around Aridia some more revealed, to the north, what was probably the one cave on the continent I hadn’t been to, and I can at last make some progress. The enemies in said cave are a bit stronger, but nothing I can’t handle thanks in part to dual Royal Needlers (And in part to my probably being really overleveled because of my wandering to this point). Also, I bought a Cannon for Wren, which helps his damage output slightly.

Next time, I’ll report on what’s on the other side of the cave.


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