I have a number of gaming related things going on, and to actually do them all is going to require that I don’t spend hours watching streams. Let’s go over them all.

On the speedrunning front, I have to finish up Golgo-13: Top Secret Episode. Hopefully I can get that tonight when I stream my own play. After that, sometime in the future will be the sequel, Golgo-13: The Mafat Conspiracy. But again, that’s in the future.

Before that, I have to stream the winner of my poll. Currently, Ninja Gaiden II 360 holds a slim lead, presumably because people want me to suffer. Once I finish whatever game wins, I have another project I want to stream.

On the non-streaming front, I’m still working through Phantasy Star III (Watch for another installment in The Phantasy Star III Chronicles late tomorrow). Also, in late July, I’ll be taking part in The Speed Gamers Community‘s Final Fantasy marathon, playing through the Dawn of Souls version of the very first game in the series. Currently, I’m scheduled to lead off the entire marathon, although that’s subject to change. Additionally, I signed up for The Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta, a challenge playthrough of Final Fantasy V, where you can only use some combination of the jobs given to you by Gilgabot, and people can pledge money to the Child’s Play Charity. While I was a bit old for the target audience, so to speak, when I was in the hospital, the idea of giving kids in the hospital a distraction from whatever treatment they’re going through is something that appeals to me.

Finally, I want to get back into the development of Hysterium, the game I mention in passing in this post (And several other times on the site). For now, I’m going to scale it way down, and basically turn the first quest into the game. I’ll then expand it at a later date.

So yes, busy busy. I’ll try to periodically update on the non-Phantasy Star III stuff as I make progress.


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