The Phantasy Star III Chronicles: Part Nineteen

In the end, I proceeded from a faulty train of logic. Forgetting that Maya was actually Layan (And thus Ayn was a hybrid Orakian/Layan), I decided that I wanted to keep the bloodline as Orakian as possible, and elected to marry Sari.

Sari quickly put Ayn in his place, telling him “No more adventuring!”


With that, I began the third generation. Ayn and Sari produced a nearly blond-haired offspring, Crys. The story so far: For twenty years after the end of the second generation, Ayn and Sari defended Landen from the cyborgs. But now Siren is back, and he’s pissed. Like “Hurl the Planet Into the Sun” pissed. This mad-scientist-in-a-bad-50s-sci-fi movie plot is made more plausible by the fact that the planet is not a planet at all. And cheesy or not, I wouldn’t like it if the Earth were suddenly hurtled toward the Sun either, so I took up the quest to prevent this catastrophe.

Finding myself back in Landen, I assessed the situation. Wren and Mieu, my faithful cyborg companions, were once again with me, both at Level 39 and with the equipment they had at the end of Ayn’s quest. Crys began at Level 1, with 145HP and 72MP, slightly stronger than Ayn. However, he needed close to 13000XP to reach Level 2, and worse, he no longer had his father’s healing magic. Doh! He did retain his father’s equipment (And possibly even some slightly better equipment–I didn’t remember giving Ayn Laconian Armor, but Crys had a Laconian Chest and Helmet), as well as any items I’d need to gain access to various places.

Plot-wise, I found out that besides the primary Siren threat, Lune was amassing a cyborg army to the west. I still don’t know who this “Lune” character is, other than he is apparently bad news. Armed with this information, it was time to explore the world.

The third generation’s world is different in that I could now access the half of Landen that was closed off to me before. Exploring, I found a deserted, bombed out castle, with no explanation as to how it got that way. Creepy stuff, so close to my homeland. More exploration yielded a cave that would take me to the next continent. This was a long dungeon, and in truth, I didn’t fully explore it. The fact that I lack a reliable method of healing everyone in the party made this a fair challenge, especially once I emerged from the dungeon, looking desperately for a town with no real clue about where to find one. A trek to the east yielded nothing, but finally, near the continent’s center, I came upon a town called Northern Divisia. And yes, there’s a Southern Divisia, but I haven’t gone there yet, electing to save and quit here. Apparently, a pilot awaits me there.


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