State of the Emptyeye

So over the last week, I’ve made some decent progress in the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta. I’m in World 2, with a party of Black Mage/Berserker/Bard/Chemist. While staying power is a bit of an issue, this is actually a pretty solid party. Chemist, by itself, is something of a “You Win The Game” class (A la Thunder God Cid/Orlandu in Final Fantasy Tactics) if you know what you’re doing with it, and the formerly spoony Bard is actually quite powerful as well. The Berserker is, well, the Berserker, and the Black Mage is my primary source of damage dealing. In short, I like the party. I hope to try and make a bit of progress in this sometime this weekend.

I’m still trying for a speedrun of Golgo-13: Top Secret Episode. I’m presently about 30 seconds from a run I want to submit. Theoretically, I could probably submit my 54:14 run and get it accepted, and perhaps I should for my sanity. But if I do that, it would be the second time in a row I would submit a run that I know isn’t the absolute best I can do. On the other hand, I get the feeling people are clamoring for me to start Ninja Gaiden II (360), so….

I’ve even managed to do a bit of work on Hysterium, essentially closing off the world into a tiny, self-contained portion of what I ultimately would like it to be. I also got some (not particularly elegant, but nonetheless functional) treasure chest code working for what is currently the one chest in the game. Hopefully, soon, I’ll have a very short, but still complete (In the sense that there is a quest, and something resembling an ending when the quest is completed), game.

More next week!


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